How to Hack WhatsApp Account - Hack WhatsApp Messages and Spy Chat Online

If you want hack whatsapp account of your friend and spy their conversations/messages without their consent, then this post is best for you. This is the complete tutorial on How to Hack WhatsApp Account - Hack WhatsApp Messages and Spy Chat Online.

Hacking WhatsApp Messenger app has never been so easier without this complete guide on W3HowTo.Com. I've received lot of messages from readers who want to spy on other people's conversation on WhatsApp; then I decided to craft this hacking tutorial.

In this post, you will learn;
  • How to hack girlfriend whatsapp chat 2016
  • How to hack boyfriend whatsapp chat 2017
  • How to Spy messages on whatsapp
  • How to read conversations of friends on whatsapp
  • How to hack whatsapp on iPhone, etc
WhatsApp Messenger is one of the top messaging applications for android and iOS, Blackberry, Windows and other platforms worldwide.  It's used by billions of people across the globe to send and receive messages from friends and loved ones.

The platform is user-friendly and provides support for sharing media and documents across the internet. In the recent days, Whatsapp became free for lifetime - it currently works like your normal phone default message but uses mobile data to run. It's cheap and cool, using less data to compare other applications.

That's enough for you to know about Whatsapp messenger, now lets focus more on the topic of the day; How to Hack Whatsapp account? I will be your guide on the working methods to hack other people's account on whatsapp. If you really need to hack whatsapp account under 5 mins, follow this tutorial and read below.

Easy Ways to Hack WhatsApp Account [Chats] [Messages]

In hacking whatsapp account of anyone [either your friend, classmate or girlfreind], there are two main ways to achieve this. I will divide them into two different methods of hacking whatsapp account ;
  1. Mac Spoofing or Mac Address [Media Access Control]
  2. Using Spying App - Spy Software

How to Crash Your Friend's WhatsApp by Sending Message [WhatsApp Hack 2016]

Looking for latest trick to crash whatsapp by sending messages to the account owner? Here is the full guide to do it. I will make it simple for you to crash your girlfriend or boyfriend whatsapp account by sending message to him/her.

Since we are the best in giving out working tricks 2016, today, I will show you the simple hack to crash whatsapp of anyone just by sending message to the person. This is another whatsapp hack that you actually need. There are so many reasons to use this dope hack but not for other purposes other than;
  • To prank your girlfriend on whatsapp
  • To prank your boyfriend on whatsapp
  • To win a bet with your class mates
  • To be the best hacker in your
  • To hang your friend whatsapp till you wanted to release it.
  • To send a whatsapp hang messages 2016
  • Note: You must give the whatsapp hang message solution or restore it asap!
Disclaimer: This post on how to crash Whatsapp by sending messages is for educational purpose only. Don't try this prank with people other than your close friends or family members as this can end you in jail. W3HowTo will not be responsible for damages you caused using this prank.

 How to Crash Your WhatsApp by Sending Message to Friends - WhatsApp Hack

 WhatsApp being the best messaging app has been a tool for hackers in testing many pranks in the recent years. There are many ways you can prank someone on WhatsApp because whatsapp app is prone to vulnerabilities. A new worm has been found that allows you to crash another person whatsapp by sending messages to them. Hope this stops cause its likely to affect over millions of account in the years to come.

Seems that Whatsapp Team has patched it up but that doesn't stop you from trying it since its still working on some devices and stopped on others. Using whatsapp prank is fun but not when a fellow crashed your whatsapp. I used this to crash my friends whatsapp. You can also use it to crash your girlfriend whatsapp to stop her from flirting around.

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Crash Your Friend WhatsApp Account With This Message

So, you have that friend that normally disturb you with messages in group? This message will force them to leave the group entirely. If you have a friend that insults you with an old message you sent to them, use this WhatsApp hack to force them delete all of them at once.

Copy & Send this Message to Friend or Inside Group Chat:

㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ
㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠
ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰
ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㰟
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊊ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ

This is it guys. Kindly send the message to the person. This hack is still working and has been tested on most android OS like kit-kat, jellybean, lollipop and nougat 7.0.

It has not been tested on iOS versions yet. It may not affect the iPhone since its programmed to work on Android phones alone. Windows 8.1/10 phones are not affected with this hack also.

I will look for a way to prank your friends on iPhone whatsapp and share it also with you. Kindly share this post to others and drop your email address below. Once the guide for iOS is out, I will notify you.

How to Root Xiaomi Redmi 3/ Redmi 3 Pro and install TWRP custom recovery [Root Mi]

If you are using Xiaomi Mi Redmi 3 or Redmi 3 Pro, here is the complete guide to Root your device and install TWRP custom recovery on Redmi 3 Pro. You will get the complete tools to root Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro and the step by step guide in this tutorial.

As per the specs of Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro, its a device by Xiaomi MI that runs on Android 5.0 (Lollipop) operating system. It was launched in March, 2016.

 It features 5.0 inches (~71.1% screen-to-body ratio) IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen with 16M colours. It has screen resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels (~294 ppi pixel in density).

 The Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro is powered by Qualcomm MSM8939v2 Snapdragon 616 chipset. It has Quad-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 & quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A53 CPU with 3 GB RAM and it has Adreno 405 as a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).

 It comes with internal storage of 32 GB and support of microSD, up to 256 GB (uses SIM 2 slot) as external storage. It also has Dual SIM (Micro-SIM/Nano-SIM, dual stand-by) with GSM / CDMA / HSPA / EVDO / LTE network support of speed HSPA, LTE, EV-DO Rev.A 3.1 Mbps.

 The smartphone, Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro has main rear camera of 13 MP, f/2.0, phase detection autofocus, LED flash with non-removable li-ion 4100 mah battery. Xiaomi Redmi is a super device every android freak must like to place hands on.

Disclaimer: rooting your xiaomi redmi 3 pro is at your own risk as your warranty may be void. If by any means you brick or semi-brick your device, we are neither the cause nor responsible for the damages.

Requirements to Root Xiaomi Redmi 3/Redmi 3 Pro

Before you commence on rooting your device, get these things in right place;
  • Minimum of 60% in battery
  • Enable installation of apps from "unknown sources" in your device [You can do this by going to 'Settings ==>Security==>Unknown Sources - mark it]
  • Backup your files for future references.
  • Turn on "USB Debugging" in the Redmi 3 Pro [You can do this by enabling Developers option in your device. To enable developers option, go to Settings==>About and tap it about 7 times. You will enable the developers option, then, switch it ON]
  • A Windows PC/Laptop.

How to Install TWRP on Xiaomi Redmi 3/Redmi 3 Pro

  1. Go to TWRP official page and download twrp-2.8.x.x-xxx.img file for your Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro. Important: Keep twrp-2.8.x.x-xxx.img file in a separate folder.
  2. Your must have ADB & fastboot installed and configured in Your PC/Laptop. For quick installation try 15 Second ADB installer. Download link 
  3. Connect your device to your PC and go to twrp folder and press and hold shift then right click on white space and "Open command window here".
  4. Now type following commands at command prompt.
  • "adb reboot bootloader" - to boot your device into bootloader.
  • after booting into bootloader type "fastboot flash recovery twrp-2.8.x.x-xxx.img" - this will flash TWRP recovery on your Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro.
  • "fastboot reboot" - to reboot your device.
  • After reboot type "adb reboot recovery" - to boot into recovery mode.
 We strongly suggest you to visit xda-developers, and do some research on the way to root Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro.

How Root Xiaomi Redmi 3/Redmi 3 Pro without PC

Already installed TWRP?

  • First, download Super SU by chainfire from HERE and put it in the root of your internal storage. 
  • Boot into TWRP from your device and install/flash zip in your Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro. 
  • Congratulations, you have successfully rooted your device and installed TWRP in it!

Never Installed TWRP?

  • Download KingRoot APK from and install it on your Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro. After installation go to app drawer and open KingRoot app and click on orange circle("FIX") then wait for some time.
  • Reboot your device.
  • If you want to install SuperSU and remove any other apps like KingRoot etc the just download and install SuperSU me apk on you device and follow instructions. 
  • After rooting check the root status with root checker app. Download it here.
 This is the complete guide to Root Xiaomi Redmi 3/ Redmi 3 Pro and install TWRP custom recovery [Root Mi] under few minutes.

Download Android Apk From Play Store to PC Using Raccoon Apk Downloader

Google Play store restricted all third parties online tools from downloading their applications but there are few working apk downloader online. Raccoon apk downloader is among them; I will show you how to download apk files using raccoon for PC. Yes' you can use raccoon download apk.

Google Play store is the most popular online tool for downloading applications into your android phones. In most cases, there's need to download the applicaton's apk file into laptop for future reference or mass sharing with friends via USB cable.

Since android allows you to install an apk file rom your disk or file manager, I don't see any reason why they should placed high restriction to third party tools. All the same, APK downloader is not working now but Raccoon is working fine. All you have to do is Download Raccoon 3.5 - install raccoon.exe on your PC and follow the guide below to download apk from play store.

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How to Download Apk From Play Store to PC Using Raccoon

Raccoon apk downloader is a simple-to-use online tool which helps you to download android apps to your PC. It runs on java software and as such, it require you install the latest version of Java on your Pc to use it.

After that, download the Raccoon software from the button below. It comes in two variants (Jar and Exe formats).

Hope you've successfully downloaded the both files, now launch the Raccoon software and you will be prompted to put your credentials which include username, password and android ID. As an online tool for android users, you need to have previously registered on Play store or have a play store account and android ID. If you don't have android ID, you can leave the box blank and move on. Raccoon will auto-generate ID for you.
raccoon apk downloader

You will be signed in. From there, you can download any android app apk that is available in your country region. Some android apps on play store are restricted by regions. All you need is to visit Google play store, copy the link of any application you wished to download - paste it on Raccoon and it will be downloaded to your PC.

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You can also type the name of the application you wish to download on Raccoon search bar, it will search for relevant apps that matches your keyword and show them to you. You click anyone and download it from them.

How I Downloaded Facebook APK to My PC Using Raccoon Apk Downloader

I searched "Facebbok" on Raccoon and this pops out - revealing the Facebook APK size, published date, Price, Installs and Rating of the app. Looks cool all the same.

The app APK file will be downloaded to a particular archive folder. The archive folder may contain other downloaded apps and you can update all apps in single click. Here is how the progress bar looks while downloading any application.

This will reach 100% and the app is downloaded. The Raccoon software moves faster than Usain Bolt if am not mistaken. You can do this to other applications and there's no limitation to how many applications you can download per day.

If you are looking for a faster way to download apk file from playstore to your PC, then I suggest you try Raccoon downloader. This will save you more time and its free from bugs and virus.

Do share with friends, if you encounter any problem while doing this, leave a reply below.

Glo 4G Lte Network - Activation & Data Plan Subscription Codes

Glo Nigeria joined the trend by rolling out a 4G lte network in Nigeria. I will show you how to activate glo 4G lte on smartphones and how to subscribe to glo 4G data plans.

Just following my post about MTN 4G LTE which landed in Nigeria, Globacom introduced their own. This is a competitive market as Nigeria is a highly populated country. All the telecommunication companies wants to take charge of a good percent of the people. Glo joined and introduced Glo 4G Lte Network.

glo 4g lte network

They keep trying new ways to meet up with demands. Now, the trending is 4G LTE sim, many of them are rolling out their package. All the same, I will be your guide on how to activate this plan today.

Glo Network being the best data subscription network in Nigeria today improved her company from 3.5G to 4G Lte network which is one of the fastest network type today. Now, you can download all torrent files, videos and softwares and strem football matches or iRoko or NetFlix in a twinkle of an eye.

According to Glo Nigeria CEO, Mr. Mohammed Jameel, he said Glo 4G LTE Network will is packed with super fast download speed. Saying the 4G network can download up to 10Mbps to 50Mbps while uploading files online. What an outstanding network speed to say!

As at the time of writing this post, Glo 4G Lte network is not available all over Nigeria. The cities and places that can enjoy it now includes Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Jos, Yola, Zaria, Benin, Edet and more cities will be included soon. **kindly subscribe to my mail list to know when your city is added**

How to Activate Glo 4G Lte Network on Your SmartPhone

It's relatively easy to activate Glo 4g network service on your phone. But you must have know that not all phones support 4G network - so check your device if its 4G lte enabled or NOT.

If your phone is 4G LTE enabled, do this;
  • Visit nearest Glo office or outlet in your area.
  • Buy new Glo 4G Sim and register it. Note: You can also swap your old sim for 4G sim.
  • After that, dial *777# to subscribe for the Glo 4g Sim data plan. [Tutorial below]

 How to Check if Your Device is Enabled for Glo 4G LTE Network

To upgrade your smartphone to 4G lte sim, you must check if its enabled first. Like I said above, not all smartphones are 4G enabled. Most android phones in Nigeria are 3G capped. Most android phones with 1 sim (Lenovo, HTC and some new Tecno) are 4G activated already.

You can check yours by sending 4G to 400 - free!

How to Subscribe to Glo 4G Lte Data Plans

Just dial *777# on your phone and you will see a list of data subscription options listed. Select the "4G Lte"

glo 4g lte data plans codes

  1. 4G LTE Data Services
  2. 3G Data Services
  3. BlackBerry Services
  4. Hot Deals
  5. 4G LTE Coverage
  6. Exit
After selecting the Glo 4G LTE data plan, you will see a list of  Data Plans Subscription and Prices available for 4G LTE.

  1.  1.6GB for N500 - Valid for 7 days
  2. 3.2GB for N1000 - Valid for 30 days
  3. 7.5GB for N2000 - Valid for 30 days
  4. 10GB for N2500 - Valid for 30 days
  5. 12GB for N3000 - Valid for 30 days.
As you can see, there's no monthly unlimited data plan for GLO 4G LTE network as the case is in MTN 4G LTE

*Update* New Glo 4G Internet Subscription Codes

  1. 24GB for N5000 - Valid for 30 Days
  2. 60GB for N15000 - Valid for 30 days
  3. 90GB for N18000 - valid for 30 days
 This post contains the vital information about Glo 4G LTE network - how to check eligibility, how to activate and how to subscribe to them. As you can see, the GLO 4G Data plans are cheaps to compare other networks.

Kindly share this post with others. If you have any issue regarding this, drop a comment and I will help you out!

MTN 4G Lte Sim Has Come to Nigeria [How to Activate & MTN 4G Data Plans]

The Much awaited MTN 4G Sim Network is Now Live in Nigeria. If you're looking For How to Activate and Use the 4G Network on Your Sim, then this Post will Help You.

The 4G network from MTN Nigeria comes in. The 4G network is said to be 4X much faster than the 3G network. MTN Nigeria wants the best to Nigeria, that's why they followed the trends in rolling out their 4G Lte network.

The best part of the LTE network is that its now activated and working well in every area of Nigeria. Before, they activated it for some areas in Nigeria. The Mtn 4G data is also cheap and affordable.

In today's guide, I will show you the best Mtn 4G Lte Data plans and How to activate Mtn Sim to 4G Lte. Like usual, i will try my best to make the post short but will carry you along in all facts you need to know about MTN 4G sim.

You don't have to bother about wasting your money going to nearest MTN office to confirm if your phone is eligible for 4G lite network. As a smart network, MTN Nigeria has a short code to check if your phone is eligible for 4G network right from your room - FREE. Find it out below;

Is My Phone Eligible For Mtn 4G Lite Network?

......and my friend asked me "Joseph, is my device compatible for MTN 4G service? Can i use Tecno phone for MTN 4G service? - I answered maybe. I guided him along checking it. below is the complete steps to check your phone for MTN 4G network access.

  • To check it, text 4G to 131
  • If your smart phone is compatible, you will receive a message that goes like this;
Yello! Your device is 4G ready but you need to upgrade your SIM to enjoy MTN 4G LTE. Please visit the nearest MTN store or partner retailer for a sim swap now.
mtn 4g lite

  • In the other hand, If your phone is not compatible for 4G network, you will receive a message that goes like;
Yello! You need to upgrade your SIM card and device to enjoy MTN 4G LTE. Please visit the nearest MTN store or partner retailer to upgrade now.
  • If your phone is eligible for the 4G lte, you just have to visit any MTN offiice around you and grab MTN 4G Sim card from there. Enjoy the faster browsing.

 How to Subscribe to MTN 4G Data Plans in Nigeria

Just like a different network on its own, MTN 4G LTE has its own separate data plan activation codes that helps you to buy cheap and affordable data plans on 4G sim cards. Take a look on their data plans below.

To buy or activate any data plan on 4G network, dial *444# and follow the screen prompt. I listed all the current 4G sim data plans, duration and amount to be paid below. Choose according to your budget.

  • 100MB for N500 - Valid for 7 days
  • 150MB for N499 - Valid for 24 hours
  • 200MB for N1000 - Valid for 30 days
  • Unlimited data for N36,999 - Valid for 30 days
  • 42GB for N66499 - Valid for 12 Months
  • 10GB for N6000 - Valid for 30 days
  • 15GB for N10,000 - Valid for 30 days
This is the current data plans offered by MTN to all their 4G sim customers. I know, more updates and cheap data codes will be coming soon, stay tuned to hear about them.

Few Things You Must Know About MTN 4G Sim Network

Over 50% of smartphone users crave to have the 4G sim worldwide - because of its speed in surfing the internet. Nobody ever wanted to use a network that slows like tortoise, rather we all need a mobile broadband that offers network faster than Usain Bolt, and that's where 4G service comes in.

1. 4G sim is 10x faster than 3G sim in browsing.
2. The average downloading speed in 4G sim ranges 5Mbps to 12Mbps.
3. The uploading speed in 4G sim ranges from 2Mbpss to 5Mbps
4. MTN acquired Visaphone to launch and reach more Nigerians with the 4G sim package. Seems their plan is working well.

I finally got the conclusion, I know you're more enlightened about the 4G sim rolled out by MTN Nigeria recently. As at time of writing this post, report shows that other telecommunicatiions companies in Nigeria also introduced their 4G sim to their customers. I will try my best to update you with their own informations too.

Kindly drop your comment and share this post to others.

How to use Tweakware VPN Premium servers for free Unlimited Browsing

Today, I came up with a post on How to use Tweakware VPN Premium servers for free Unlimited Browsing. This post will be of a high benefit to everyone surfing the Net either via Facebook, Twitter, WikiPedia, NairaLand, WhatsApp or any online application that you can lay your hands on. It works on all device with the free premium servers.

Tweakware Premium Server Free

Rejoice, Tweakware premium servers works with Etisalat, Glo, Airtel, MTN and Ntel. You don't need to buy the premium serevers as I've covered a post that will help you to get all tweakware username and password free.

 In the recent days, this same best tunnel application developers limited the data usage of free users at 200MB maximum; this will make your app to stop functioning after you exhausted your daily limit. Sounds shitty and not relaible, assuming you wanted to download huge file since you are doing free browsing, what will you do after reaching 200MB data limit? I got your back, I made a guide that will allow you bypass tweakware daily limit.

Lets move to the topic for the day, but before you achieve this - try to keep these tools in place

How to use Tweakware Premium Servers With Free Tweakware Premium Account

Step 1: Select any premium server you want to use on tweakware. As at the time of writing this tutorial, top servers on tweakware includes; Netherlands, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, USA etc.
how to register on tweakware
Tweakware premium servers - VPN

Step 2: Connect to the tweakware premium server. Wait, it may take up to 10secs to connect, don't bother.

Step 3: Inside the tweakware app, go to Settings ==> VPN settings and mark the "compression" box.

tweakware vpn settings

Step 4: Return to Settings menu==>Account settings and then write success as the username and password. You may see an error pop up in front of the page. Check back then and put unregistered as username and password. Then remove any letter from "unregistered".

Step 5: You can now "connect' without interruption to the premium server.

Connect tweakware premium server

That's it; you made it at last. This will give you privilege to access and enjoy the premium servers like a Pro. Mind you, this has been tested and confirmed working on Etisalat SocialMe plan. If you get etisalat sim and wish to subscribe to social me plan see guide below.

How to Subscribe Etisalat SocialMe Plan

Etisalat social me plan has helped many Nigerians to browse it till dawn since the data allocation is unlimited. You can subscribe by dialing *343*6*10# for weekly plan at N300 and dial *343*6*11# for monthly plan at N500 unlimited data each.

So far, this is the best way to use Tweakware VPN Premium servers for free Unlimited Browsing on android devices. If you encounter any problem trying to set this, kindly use the comment box below.