Pokemon Go is Great - 7 Ways Pokemon Go Game has Changed the World Positively

Pokemon Go

Games are built for the entertainment of people and also to open a new window for an imaginative world, where you can become a racer, a fighter or a superhero. People used to play video games on gaming consoles before introduction of smart devices, but today you don’t an expensive gaming console. Your Smartphone is capable enough to entertain you, if you have installed an amazing game like Pokémon Go. It seems like we are reliving 1996, while Pokémon had made everyone crazy about it. It has taken the app market and the gaming world by storm because almost Smartphone and tab users are busy in catching the cute-looking Pokémon. It has changed the world and we can prove how.


1. A complaint registered in Turkey:

The followers of Islam in Turkey have stated that Pokémon Go destabilizes the value of their religion. It takes people to several places, where people worship and causes troubles to reverent people. It is true that Pokémon Go shows distinct locations to uncover creatures, which people want to collect for a battle in the game. That’s why a complaint is filed for banning this game in Turkey.

2. It is a part of Hillary Clinton’s election campaign:

Can you imagine a video game can be a part of election campaign and benefit the presidential candidate in USA’s elections? Of course, it is really hard to imagine, but it is happening now. Hillary Clinton is continuously asking voters to register for the Pokémon Go app through which they can be a part of her campaign. The followers of Hillary are registering to this game and showing their inclination towards her.

3. It is leveraging profit for PornHub:

It really amazes us that how a gaming app can increase the number of visitors on a porn site. Pornhub has stated that the search for PokePorn was increased up to 136% on July 11th. It was amazing because people were hunting for porn videos related to this game. Most of the visitors were between 18-24 year’s age and that’s what changed the revenue of this porn site.

4. It has more active users than Tinder:

Tinder is one of the leading dating apps in USA, where strangers meet and date each other. This site has a lot of active users, but Pokémon has beaten it on the day of its release. More than 5% Android users in has registered to Pokémon Go app, which is clearly larger than the users of Tinder. Just after a few days of launching this game was installed in almost Android devices of USA. It means this millions of users are playing this game every day to catch the Pokémon.

5. It has pulled traffic of porn sites:

We all know what adults do, while they are alone in their rooms. Most of them spend their time by watching sexy videos on porn sites. One dramatic change has been seen in the traffic of porn sites since the Pokémon Go was launched. For some people it is good because now people will get rid of their porn watching habit, but it is not good for the website owners. You can see some more dramatic changes in the internet world in future because the developers of Pokémon Go are ready to add more new features in this game.

6. People in Australia has gone crazy about this game:

Whether it is Sydney’s Opera House, Iconic Harbor or Gardens, the gamers are wandering everywhere to catch virtual creatures of this game. Thousands of people in this country are running on the ways carelessly to find those creatures and catch them. The police in this country is facing many new challenges and many servers are crashed in this country due to people’s craze about this game.

7. Soon it will be the most played game on Smartphone:

We used to think that no other game can match the level of Candy Crush Saga, but it seems like Pokémon Go will get on the top position within a few days. It has over 21 million active users only in USA, so you can think the figure of whole world. It was exported from Japan and now everyone is crazy about this game.

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